The Association of African Maritime Administration (AAMA), is the
coordinating body for Maritime Administrations in Africa, established pursuant to Article 5 of the African Maritime Transport Charter (AMTC). The Association is made up of five (5) African stakeholders’ group namely:

  1. The Association of African Maritime Administrations
  2. Africa Ship Registrars’ Forum
  3. African Ship Owners’ Associations
  4. Africa Shippers’ Council and all Cargo Interest
  5. Seafarers’ Forum



Responding to Africa’s insignificant share of global investments in the maritime sector
despite her significant contribution to global maritime traffic and the revived aspiration for
a strategic take-off as noted in the African Maritime Transport Charter, it became
necessary to facilitate a forum to bring together like minded Agencies and
Associations to discuss Africa’s maritime governance amongst other pertinent issues.

The aim of the Association is to promote the development of Africa’s maritime regulatory and maritime environment, encouraging harmonisation for greater competitiveness on a global basis, promote the sharing of best practices among Africa’s Maritime Administrations in order to enable the growth of the African maritime sector and enhancement of continental collaboration to build consensus on issues of common interests in the maritime sector.

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